Description of the displayed prices


About local currency and the Japanese yen is to set the price based on the Japanese yen (JPY), displays the currency of each country on the basis of hourly rates.

Depending on your payment institution you are using may differ from the exchange rate.
Is the amount that is displayed in the final payment to the site please note that there may be a slight difference.

Inspection / reward

Product Inspection Inspection Guide

  • Inspection inspection will be carried out for the items that arrived after the shipping agent application.
  • When the goods you purchase arrive at the delivery center, the package and postage will be charged after inspection of the goods.
  • Enter the product image and the tracking number until the product arrives, and the inspection will proceed with the inspection.
  • If there is no product image, the inspection will be carried out as normal inspection.


compensation guide
After ordering fromtokyo, we will ship the goods to your local distribution center
We will compensate for shipping accidents such as damage or loss of the product.
Since the amount of compensation will be determined based on the declared value of the import, please specify the amount accurately in the application form.

  • When all items are damaged, lost or damaged, the compensation will be carried out with the commodity price + shipping fee + tax / tax amount.
    If the item is damaged, lost, or damaged, the item will be redeemed for the amount of some items + shipping (1 / n) + postage tax (1 / n)
  • In case of loss of or damage to the general product during domestic delivery, if the loss is lost, it will be reimbursed up to 500,000 won by the courier company contracted with My EURO.
  • If the courier service can not be commissioned, if you do not apply for package supplementation, we can not process the compensation.
  • Please note that all products purchased from eBay and used trading sites are not covered.
Compensation procedure
1) Compensation Receipt
If you find a defective item, you will receive fromtokyo C / S center within 3 days after receipt of the item (03-5812-4258, [email protected])

2) Submission of evidence
In case of breakage or other defect, you must submit a supporting photograph.
In particular, it is necessary to check the degree of distortion of the BOX or the BOX contamination.
(If you have a problem with the item when you pick up the courier, you can file a claim immediately.)

3) Compensation Information
After confirming the submitted data, the C / S contact person will give you the compensation information within 7 days.
Cautions and incompetent cases
All rewards will be refunded based on the application form written from tokyo.
Please note that compensation is not available in the following cases.

  • If you arrive at a delivery address other than the shipping address listed on the shipping address
  • In the absence of a center sign, if the product has not arrived at the center
  • We will not be compensated for any disadvantages caused by missing or missing goods information on the application form.
  • If the shipping application is written as false information (false price registration, quantity and brand name)
  • Used products, ripper products, eBay personal items can be shipped, but not covered.
  • If the documents required for compensation are not available or are made in a false manner
  • A case, box or packing material that is not related to actual use of the product, even if it is for sale, is damaged.
  • If the product is used for business purposes but the personal income is reported
  • When the product arrives at the time of arrival, it is over 30 days since the arrival of the center.
  • We can not confirm products on inspection
    (Incorrect garment sewing, Artificial scarf, Fine scratch, Wrinkle of pablic goods, Whether electronic products are working or not, Original goods, Components of set products)
  • Rare items such as artworks, creative works, and antiques
  • If you refuse to collect the rewarded merchandise
  • Glass, bowl, plastic, musical instruments, liquid products, etc. Domestic courier service can not be picked up.
  • Expected loss of commodity value or loss of opportunity cost in case of non-delivery within a certain time (commodity works, promotional products, limited coupons, etc.)
  • Identification such as passport, resident registration card, driver's license
  • Cash, check cards, credit cards, bills, checks, securities, etc.
  • Non-renewable contracts, manuscripts, etc. Documents that can not be certified
  • You will not be compensated for your loss due to delays in international delivery, customs clearance, disposal of items that can not be cleared.
  • Natural disasters, bad weather conditions
  • Loss of aircraft
  • riots, strikes, wars, labor disputes, social factors
  • Negligence in implementation of the Act (including customs and quarantine agencies)
  • nature of the cargo, defects, characteristics, potential defects
  • A third party's failure to comply with these Terms of Carriage, improper packaging, security search, lack of details,