Description of the displayed prices


About local currency and the Japanese yen is to set the price based on the Japanese yen (JPY), displays the currency of each country on the basis of hourly rates.

Depending on your payment institution you are using may differ from the exchange rate.
Is the amount that is displayed in the final payment to the site please note that there may be a slight difference.

How to apply

  1. 1) Complete the shipping agent application
    After ordering goods from Japan's online shopping mall, we will immediately fill out the fromtokyo shipping agent application form.
    Click on the [Shipping Agent] menu of fromtokyo to go
  2. 2) Complete the application after confirming the precaution
    Please read and understand the precautions carefully when completing the application form. Please note that fromtokyo is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by unconfirmed instructions. Record the details of the products you want to be delivered, and select the required service details to complete the application.
  3. 3) Select additional service item
    Please check the details of additional options and apply for service if necessary.
    Glass, liquids, electronic equipment and other products that require damage and shock protection, we recommend supplementing the packaging and additional insurance services.
  4. 4) Input the information
    Please enter your correct receipt information. If you click the "Completed" button, the shipping agent application will be finished.
  5. 5) Confirm / Modify Application
    fromtokyo You can check / modify your application form on my page