Description of the displayed prices


About local currency and the Japanese yen is to set the price based on the Japanese yen (JPY), displays the currency of each country on the basis of hourly rates.

Depending on your payment institution you are using may differ from the exchange rate.
Is the amount that is displayed in the final payment to the site please note that there may be a slight difference.

Precautions Use

This is a caution when using fromtokyo. Shopping Precautions

X Cash on delivery, postpaid products purchased We can not deliver.
If you would like to use overseas shipping using the shipping address in Japan's Internet shopping mall, please do not choose [COD] or [Postpay].
In addition, please pay attention to the payment by the method that our company pays for the carriage by the payee's payment.
If the item purchased by COD is sent to the warehouse of fromtokyo, it will be rejected.
In addition, you may be charged for the order cancellation fee from the Internet shopping mall to the customer who purchased it.
Please be careful not to purchase cash on delivery, payee payment.
X spray cans can not be shipped overseas.
Spray cans hair items, hair extensions, lotion, deodorant, gas stove and so on.
If the spray cans arrive, we will not be able to ship overseas, so we will dispose of them at our warehouse.
When purchasing from an online shopping mall, please make sure that it is not a spray can type product.
X Frozen items, refrigerated items, raw foods, etc. can not be shipped overseas.
All items shipped overseas will be stored at room temperature.
Therefore, frozen goods, refrigerated goods, and raw meat may be thawed or corrupted if they arrive at the warehouse.
Refrigerated goods · raw thing dispatch is possible, but fromtokyo about the damage which occurred at the time of storage or shipment, please understand that we do not take any responsibility at all.
X You can not ship items that are prohibited.
There is a banned item that can not be delivered overseas. Banned items are not available from fromokyo.
Please check the Prohibited Items page before using the service.

List of prohibited goods here

In addition to the prohibited goods of the whole country, there is a commodity prohibited by the delivery country. Please check the banned products in each country.
X Please be careful when purchasing foods that are easy to melt.
Candies and chocolates may change in flavor and shape depending on temperature.
Please note that if delivery is possible, but the product will melt, we will not be held responsible at all.
Ex) candy, chocolate, jelly, marshmallow, cheese, etc.