Description of the displayed prices


About local currency and the Japanese yen is to set the price based on the Japanese yen (JPY), displays the currency of each country on the basis of hourly rates.

Depending on your payment institution you are using may differ from the exchange rate.
Is the amount that is displayed in the final payment to the site please note that there may be a slight difference.

Japanese Center Address

We will deliver your Japanese goods quickly and safely. After you have received the goods you purchased directly from Japan's online shopping mall at the local shipping center of fromtokyo
This is a service that will allow you to quickly and securely deliver your home address to the customer who registered at the time of membership registration.
Your personal mailbox number will be given at the same time as you sign up for the site, and you can use it at your own address in Japan.
fromtokyo Japan Center Address (If you log in, you will see your personal mailbox address)
STREET ADDRESS1 東上野 3-17-1 鍋島ビル 2階 FM
STREET ADDRESS2 [My mailbox]
CITY 台東区
ZIP CODE 110-0015
PHONE 03-5812-4258