Description of the displayed prices


About local currency and the Japanese yen is to set the price based on the Japanese yen (JPY), displays the currency of each country on the basis of hourly rates.

Depending on your payment institution you are using may differ from the exchange rate.
Is the amount that is displayed in the final payment to the site please note that there may be a slight difference.

Extra service

Product Inspection
Product Inspection
Basic Inspection
  • Make a match with the quantity of basic products.
Precision Inspection
¥300 / Per box / Add per ¥ 100
  • Proceed with the other, check whether the precise damage to my shapes and detail inspection.
  • If you have any need to be confirmed by us it must remain focused on the note.
Packing boxes Remove
(Poly bag packaging)
  • After removal of the existing boxes, packing material is poly bag.
  • If the poly bag packaging is difficult to remove by selecting the box (poly bag packaging) The goods will be shipped in a box.
  • The products resulting from the poly bag packaging Please note that it may cause damage.
Total delivery
Every5Tracking Free / exceeded1Tracking¥200 until charged
Packaging supplement
¥500 / Per box
  • In the case of products which can cause damage to fragile product or supplement the
    Protective Packaging and packaging boxes in order to prevent damage to conduct a re-packaging.
Repacking service
¥300 / Per box
  • If you need to re-packaged into a single order or single order goods which are imposed fees
Multi Box(카톤추가)
  • It can be transported in one box if you do not have to be sent by re-packaging of several boxes
Special packaging
※ Sylvie Settlement
  • If necessary, the special nature of the product packaging will be charged after the actual calculations.
  • If more than the volume weight of goods 30kg corresponds to a special packaging.
    (Volume weight = Width * Height * portrait / 5000)
Retention policy
Retention policy
Free storage days
The goods arrive from one day to30.
(if there are multiple products on the basis of the first delivery).
After the free storage period of the product is added to¥500,¥100 charge every day
Business clearance
¥1,000from (Customs clearance fee will be charged carriers)
Disposal fees
Local transport cases
free + Local shipping (no charge if returned free of charge)
Returned after the delivery gun
¥2,000 + International shipping, customs clearance costs (taxes, customs expenses in case)

Product Inspection Rule Information

  • Clothing, sewing defects, holes, missing parts again, the presence of contaminants such as shoes, bags will be checked only at selected inspection precision.
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, tents, curtains, bulky products are non-precision inspection process.
  • The electronics is not possible to check on the internal components and verify work or not.
  • Inspection work to try to view or to wear the products requested service is not supported.
  • Stroller, car seat, toys, etc. to get to work to complete the packaging box does not open for acceptance is not possible to confirm whether the internal components and products defective or damaged.
  • Scratch, operations of the furniture, lighting and some household goods flow, the internal components can not be confirmed.